Droom Soccer Academy Talent, Oyediran Emmanuel: Nigerian Football Prodigy Set to Conquer England

In the world of football, talent knows no boundaries. It transcends borders, cultures, and languages, bringing together individuals from various corners of the globe who share a common passion for the beautiful game. One such individual is Oyediran Emmanuel, a young football prodigy from Nigeria, who is about to embark on an exciting journey to England for player development. Emmanuel, … Read More

Great news from Nigeria and Kenya!

In an exciting development, it has been confirmed that MUBARAK, BRIAN and RYAN, young football players, will be heading to Spain next month for further assessments and football trials. Club coaches from various teams will be closely observing them, as they have shown immense resilience in pursuing their dreams, and now those dreams are turning into reality. Mubarak, from Nigeria, … Read More

We wish Idris Dumbia success as he transfers to Qatar

We can confirm the successful transfer of Idris Dumbia, from Portugal to Qatar. Al Ahly Football Club, one of the most successful clubs in Qatar, has a rich history and a strong fan base. The team has consistently performed well in domestic competitions and has achieved notable success in continental tournaments as well. The addition of a player like Dumbia … Read More

Mohammed Yateri player scouted from Tanzania proves himself in Portugal

Mohammed Yateri, a talented football player hailing from Tanzania, has made his mark in the Portuguese football scene, proving that talent knows no boundaries. With his exceptional skills and determination, Yateri has captured the attention of scouts and fans alike, showcasing his immense potential on the field. Yateri’s journey began in the streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where he … Read More

Getting ready for trials!

The trials are just a few days away and that means it’s time to start whipping your body into football shape. Constant workouts are a great way to shake off the rust and get ready for your assessments. And while you may be excited and ready to go, it is unrealistic to go straight from the couch to the field … Read More

Droom Soccer: Scouting franchise will host London and Manchester scouting events

Droom Soccer, the world-renowned agency for young soccer players, is gearing up for its 3rd showcase edition in London, England on September 23rd. The event promises to be a sellout as scouts from some of the top Premier League soccer clubs will be in attendance.For those unfamiliar with Droom Soccer, it is a soccer academy that provides young players with … Read More


Mulla Jackson, a 20 year old striker currently playing for Posta Rangers of the Kenyan Premier League, has joined Drsports Agency. The Kenyan talent will be heading to Serbia this summer for professional trials. Jackson, who has been playing for Posta Rangers since the age of 15, has been the standout player in the team since the beginning of his … Read More

Droom Soccer visits Kisumu Kenya in search for the next International Superstar

Droomsoccer Africa, an arm of the Droom International Scouting Agency based in Atlanta Georgia, recently held a football trial in Kisumu, Kenya. The trial was organized to search for talented players who could be signed up for professional contracts in Europe.The trial was attended by footballers from all over the country including it surrounds. The players were put through rigorous … Read More