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Droom Soccer has an international program with the aim of observing and further assessing players between the ages of 17 and 25 during a certain period of time.
The players are placed in a professional environment inside one of our Professional affiliate Clubs in Spain or Portugal being directly observed by the Club coaches having a real comparison with their athletes. 

At the end of the program the Club sends us a detailed individual report and if the athlete is good enough, he will be negotiated with the Club to continue and become a Professional player.

Program duration and price (includes accommodation, food, transfers from the airport to the stadium and permanent medical support).

Deposit fee €750 for the invitation letter

1 week – 750€ NET
2 weeks – 1500€ NET
3 weeks – 2200€ NET
1 month – 2800€ NET

Note: the program does not include flights.

Payment method:

€750 Agency Fee – for the invitation letter
€ Payment for Weeks Duration – Required prior to the the athlete arriving at the Club

Athletes must have personal accident insurance.

Contact: WhatsApp +12482529926 Email:

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