Droom Soccer visits Kisumu Kenya in search for the next International Superstar

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Droomsoccer Africa, an arm of the Droom International Scouting Agency based in Atlanta Georgia, recently held a football trial in Kisumu, Kenya. The trial was organized to search for talented players who could be signed up for professional contracts in Europe.
The trial was attended by footballers from all over the country including it surrounds. The players were put through rigorous physical and technical tests to assess their skills and abilities. The players were also interviewed by the scouts to determine their level of commitment to the sport.

The scouts were impressed by the level of talent at the trial. They were particularly impressed by the technical and physical abilities of the players. The scouts noted that the players had the potential to make it big in Europe.
The scouts signed up several players from the trial to take to Europe for professional contracts. The players will be given the opportunity to train with top European clubs and compete in top-level football leagues.
This is a great opportunity for the players to make a name for themselves in the world of football. It is also a great opportunity for the country to showcase its talent to the world.
The trial in Kisumu was a great success and it is hoped that similar trials will be held in other parts of the country in the future. This will give more players the chance to showcase their talent and fulfill their dreams of becoming professional footballers.

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