Droom Soccer Football Trials to Head to Australia in Search of Talented Players

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The Droom Soccer team are set to fly out to Melourne Austrialia this Summer in the hope of finding the best talent on offer at the other side of the world…

The trials, which start July 22nd, will be held at the Knox Regional Football Centre, home to the Nike Football Academy.

This is the first trip to Austalia that the Droom Soccer Scouts have ever made and they will be taking a representative from an English Champions League side with them as they seek to uncover some hidden talents.

Strong relationships have been forged on the continent and the team are as excited as ever to head overseas and give players from the other side of the world the chance to play in front of professional club scouts.

Technical Director of the Droom, Mr Emmanuel who will be leading the trip, said: “We have a world-class team of coaches, plus an author, speaker and an expert in sports psychology who will be working with us. “This is our first trip to Australia and hopefully the first of many – we wil be looking to uncover the most talented players in the country.”

There are limited spaces left on the event so if players want more information please contact us at office@droomsoccer.com

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