4 Scouted Players from Africa jet out for Professional Trials in Europe

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The anticipation is palpable as the players gather their belongings and prepare to travel to Portugal for a further assessment and potential contract. The group, made up of some of the brightest young footballing prospects in the world, are filled with a mixture of excitement and nerves as they embark on this journey to tryout out with several Clubs in Europe.
The players have been carefully selected from across the globe to attend this special assessment and the chance to prove themselves and secure a professional contract. The assessment will involve a series of tests and drills, as well as a series of matches against some of the top clubs in Portugal.
The players Tehila, Harris, Asongwe and Hayba from NIGERIA, SENEGAL, ALGERIA and ETHIOPIA all scouted from our african events consecutively have been working hard for months in preparation for this opportunity and are eager to show their skills and prove themselves. They have been training relentlessly, honing their technique and perfecting their tactical understanding of the game.
The players are also excited to experience a new culture and to gain a better understanding of the Portuguese footballing style. They will be able to gain valuable insight into the way the game is played in Portugal and the different techniques used.
The players are also looking forward to meeting some of the top players in the game and learning from them. They will have the chance to learn from the best and gain valuable experience that will help them in their future careers.
The players are also aware of the competition they are up against and the pressure they are under to perform. They know that they must give their all and show what they are capable of if they are to succeed.
The players are filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement as they prepare to travel to Portugal for a further assessment and potential contract. They are ready to take on the challenge and prove themselves, and hopefully secure a professional contract.

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