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Manchester International Football droomsoccer.com Training program

Our partnership with Manchester International Football droomsoccer.com (MIFA) in England allows players scouted by us to train as a full time professional footballer. Our UK based partner football droomsoccer.com encourages development in football skills, while understanding the need for continued education. where football players can gain internationally recognised qualifications.This football training option is for players who are looking to train on a week by week basis. 
Players will take part in football training sessions with our qualified coaches starting on Monday and going through till Friday. Our training schedule has been designed to reflect the training programmes provided by top professional clubs. 

Training normally runs 9.45am – 4pm and is made up of a number of different sessions which test/work your fitness, technical abilities and attitude during training.

The 2 week course gives players the opportunity to continue improving their skills and fitness, building on knowledge gained throughout the weeks. During this period players will have individual meetings with coaches every 2 weeks to discuss their progress ensuring they continue to move forward and improve.

Entry Criteria: Players aged 16 - 24 years old will be accepted