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Quick Overview

The main objective of the Droom Scouting WWTIP Program is to analyze the potential of the player for possible Pro contract or admission into an MLS team.

During the Trial week our technical staffs and directors will be on hand to observe players coaches will make an assesment and inform the player about the decision made.

The Trial period is open from September to July of each season in Michigan USA. The registration fee for one (1) is $1200

The 2-week trial program includes:

· Transfers to the airport for arrivals and departures.

· Accommodation and full board (if you choose this option)

· Droom Soccer Scouting Player kits

· 8 training sessions + 1 MLS Pro Team Tryout 

· Coaches Evaluation.

- The MLS/USL team including tryout dates will be emailed to you once payment has been completed

- DIFA will provide an acceptance letter or a letter of invitation to players who have confirmed their places at DIFA. Players will be classed as being a confirmed student once payment for their training programme has been completed. DIFA will not, under any circumstances be involved in the Visa application process other than in the provision of these documents. DIFA will never make any assurances to visa acceptance. At times players may have their visa applications rejected for a variety of reasons. DIFA can accept no responsibility for this whatsoever.

- If you choose to receive your acceptance letter via courier then you must pay the relevant charges.

- In the event that a visa application is not successful, it is the players responsibility to notify DIFA immediately. A copy of the official refusal letter must be provided. Where this is done 2 weeks before the course start date, a 80% refund will be given. After this a 60% refund will be issued. Refunds will only be issued via the original payment method and only made to the person or organisation from whom the fees were received.

- You must pay all bank charges incurred when paying course fees by bank transfer. All player bookings of training/accommodation/airport transfers will not be made/confirmed until full payment has been completed.

All the items on this website are subject to change without prior warning at the discretion of the staff. DIFA retain the right to make alterations to the programme at any time.

Email: office@droomsoccer.com

If you have any queries please contact us.