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Success never comes overnight. Achieving a certain goal requires a lot of sacrifices and hard work to achieve it. The same applies to the question “How to become a good professional football player?” Sports workers and coaches often point out that talent is needed to succeed in the world of sports. Similarly, talent without hard work brings nothing, so it is not surprising that the famous phrase is that talent is only 5% of success, and the rest is training.

Football, as the most important secondary thing in the world, is present in every corner of this planet, which results in the fact that most children get a ball among their first toys. For these reasons, football schools are often flooded with boys who have fallen in love with this beautiful game. But only some of them manage to realize the dreams that they fantasized about when they hit the ball for the first time.

           In order to be successful in something, you need to have a passion for it. It's the same with football. The love for football helps you become a professional football player, by guiding you through various moments, and even difficult ones where you will doubt whether football is really for you. So, there must be something you want to do, not just because something is expected of you, or something you feel obligated to do to fulfill someone's dream. So, if football is your passion, then your love for football will keep you going through difficult times, which will certainly be many, so that you don't give up and keep trying. It's hard to have a great passion for something unless you truly know it. You need to learn about football as much as you can, from start to finish. This is about learning from books, watching matches, coaching, participating in matches, and talking to other players about their tactics and experiences. It should be clear to you what these famous football players did to succeed.

When you love football and know this game well enough, the next step is an absolute commitment to football. This results in grueling training sessions that should be spread out 5-6 times a week to develop talent and skills. Hard work doesn’t go well with some habits, so if you really want to become a good football player, you need to give up some habits from your everyday life. It is often necessary to go to bed early due to morning training sessions or trips to games that will be on the schedule. Remember that success depends mostly on personal dedication and commitment.

Training, training, and more training

It’s all about training and dedication, and that way you will develop your talent and shape your skills to become the best. You don’t just have to train with your teammates, train alone, with your parents, or friends from the neighborhood, but you’ll get even better if you play with those older than you. Practice your technique constantly. Work with the ball to make it look like you were born with it. Work on those skills that are weaker than you, so you will become a complete player. The goal of becoming a good soccer player also requires patience – you have to be ready to accept that turning into a professional is a gradual process during which you continue to learn, improve your technique, and football knowledge, and most importantly, contacts with people.

Football is a team sport and good communication is very important. It is crucial that there is a positive atmosphere in the team. He who is an individual player and refuses to play as a team is not good for the club and will not go far. You need to show that you communicate well with others, express your opinion clearly, and avoid anger and conflict on the field.

Physical and mental fitness is very important in football. Train the right way, eat healthily, and avoid substances that will reduce your performance, such as alcohol. Get enough sleep. It is very important to learn how not to get hurt, how to play properly and how to foul, and how to stay in good physical shape through stretching and exercise.

Football itself is a beautiful game, the life of a professional football player is full of uncertainty and instability. It’s a world of short-term contracts, with many waiting hopelessly to replace anyone whose performance drops. There are also high risks of injury. All these facts can lead to feelings of insecurity. In order to succeed, it is necessary to develop the ability to cope with uncertainty, constant competitive pressures, and insecurity.

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