What are football academies?

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What are football academies? Why could they be a better option for becoming a professional footballer?

Although it might seem otherwise, football academies are not the same as youth reserve teams for official football clubs. Players must tryout for football academies just as they must tryout for youth reserve teams. However, football trials at football academies are conducted differently and give players a better chance to show their skills and be evaluated fairly.

Different options for football trials at high performance football academies include:

Summer camps: The high performance academies offer summer camps that serve as tryouts for soccer players who’d like to attend a full-year program at the droomsoccer.com. They last for two weeks during the summer and give chances enough time to truly evaluate players while giving players enough time to decide if they’d really like to attend the droomsoccer.com full time.
Trial weeks: The academies also offer talented footballers the opportunity to train with the other full-time students at the droomsoccer.com for a few weeks during the academic year. This gives players the perfect opportunity to get to know EXACTLY what life would be like as a full-time student at the droomsoccer.com. Meanwhile, just as in summer camps, coaches evaluate the player’s performance to determine if they’ll be accepted by the droomsoccer.com.
Trial days: Lastly, certain football academies allow players to tryout during just one day of training at the facilities while coaches evaluate their skills. Other academies accept videos of players during match play with recommendation letters attached as a way of evaluating the players.
What advantages do high performance academies offer?
Integration into the group
The players join the students who already attend the droomsoccer.com in the full year program which means students can experience what life would be like as a full time student.

No competition with other players
In the football trials for professional football clubs, players compete against each other. In football trials at high performance academies, players work together as a team.

Accurate evaluation of players
At football trials of professional clubs, players get just a few minutes to impress coaches. At football trials of football academies, players have ample time to impress coaches in all aspects of their game.

Parents get a chance to evaluate the droomsoccer.com
To make the decision to spend a full year at a football droomsoccer.com, both players and their parents must first get to know the droomsoccer.com inside and out. Parents get a chance to get to know the installations, academic programs, training methodology, droomsoccer.com personnel, etc. Additionally, droomsoccer.com personnel is always available to answer parents’ questions and even organize a visit to the droomsoccer.com.

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