U21 PRO Football Trial in Manchester (England): 18 -19 November 2020

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This November we’re hosting a professional football trial in Manchester England. It’s the perfect timing to put yourself on the football map as teams will be already looking for player additions.

Top career opportunity. A 2 days professional football trial in the best football country in the World, England. The trial is specifically designed and adjusted to U21 players.

PRO Manchester trial

PRO event: This is not a camp or droomsoccer.com. This is your football job interview. You are there to get a contract and we are providing you the chance to show your football!
Place: Heart of world football – Manchester England with all it’s clubs.
Games: Play against PRO teams in Manchester
Timing: You will be in the centre of the action in the middle of the transfer window.People: Professional scouts & coaches & club representatives will be there looking for players like you;
Manchester is the World football. In the English region there are many clubs beside the World giants, Manchester United and Manchester City, that form the backbone of English dominance in football. Clubs from 2nd and 3rd Tier division that will target the players in this trial.

A unique chance to get scouted, earn a chance to get a professional contract with a club or secure professional representation by registered intermediary. Present your talent to professional football clubs, Play against pro clubs and get on the radar of English and other clubs in the cradle of football-crazy Manchester, England.

Best players from our trials get an opportunity!!!! They get signed or go to club trials with the local or regional clubs we work closely with. And you have real eyes – agents, coaches – on you when playing a game with us.

The goal of the trial is that players get signed. We work closely together with English based clubs and as well with other clubs in England. Selected players will play against Manchester Based clubs and will have the chance to impress clubs, coaches, scouts and individual agents.


We accept U21 players and we can guarantee that the best ones will get the opportunity in clubs.

The trial price is 195 Pounds (Plane tickets and visa charges excluded).

This is selection based trial. We will be taking maximum 25 players with 2-3 players per position. We run a selection process between applicants based on their video and other relevant information we will require for assessment. Players who are selected and pay for the trial are accepted and guaranteed a spot in the Club trials.

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