Répandre l'amour



Please select the trial you would like to take part in, follow the link, complete the form and click ‘Send’.

Once we have received the completed form, one of our dedicated recruitment staff will be in touch with you via email as soon as possible (typically within 7-10 days of receipt) to provide details of the next available trial date.

To give yourself the best chance of success, we encourage you to attach a video of yourself in competitive football action. All videos will be stored securely and will be exclusively for the private use of the DIFA droomsoccer.com. See our Player Welfare page for further details.

Please do not submit more than one trial request form at a time. We consistently do our best to ensure that we get back to all players as quickly as possible but, given the huge number of requests we receive, this can sometimes prove difficult.

All trial sessions take place at the DIFA droomsoccer.com and are completely free of charge.