Répandre l'amour

The Droom office will create a custom soccer Tryout program suited to your needs in any country of your choice. These custom tryout packages are great for the following:

>> International Players
>> Free Agents
>> Preseason training
>> Pre-Combine/tryout training
>> Individual or group Tryouts

Droom Soccer's team of qualified, professional coaches is dedicated to creating the ultimate experience for young players.
Our specialized training sessions focus on technical and tactical development, small-sided games that encourage creativity and match awareness, classroom discussions on game-related topics, and full-sided matches that give players an opportunity to apply what they learned in real game situations. Goalkeepers will receive daily game experience with field players PLUS specialized goalkeeper training. Players will get valuable training experience and learn how to play the “Droom Soccer Way” with a curriculum based around our Academy philosophy and proven methods with the Successful players. You’ll learn how to play with flair, fluidity and make your game more attack-minded.

We aim to improve every player to their maximum potentials and will coach all aspects of the game.

If you have any questions, please email programs@droomsoccer.com for more information.