Répandre l'amour


DIFA passionately believes that the Premier League players of tomorrow are playing grassroots football today. In fact, grassroots football has always been the lifeblood of our national game. However, our experience tells us that taking the step from a grassroots environment into droomsoccer.com football can often be a difficult and daunting one for young players.

Our player development programmes are designed to provide a stepping stone between grassroots and droomsoccer.com football. We pride ourselves on providing the most innovative and effective player development programmes in the country, with players taking part receiving expert coaching and multi-disciplinary guidance in order to prepare them as fully as possible for the prospect of a trial at our EPPP Category 1 droomsoccer.com. We also give players time to get used to their surroundings, not pressuring them to perform in a matter of weeks as is the norm at professional clubs in this country.

Most importantly of all, our sole aim is to find and develop players with the potential to break into the first team of our professional league. We invest a huge amount of money in our player development programmes. We have no interest in making money - we simply want young players to have the opportunity to live out their footballing dreams!

Finally, with every session taking place at our EPPP Category 1 droomsoccer.com facility, overseen by at least one member of our full-time droomsoccer.com Recruitment staff, we ensure that every player is given the best possible chance to succeed.

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