Droom Soccer hosts its first Professional Tryouts in The Gambia

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Répandre l'amour

MLS football clubs are known for their emphasis on youth development, which accounts for their ability to continually churn out quality players at all levels of the game.

Droom Soccer, which for over 10 years have held their own among the elite of football scouting agency last week was in The Gambia to spread the gospel to the youths of Brikama City who desire to take thier football career to the next level.

Speaking at the training sessions, Partner and Representative Hassan Badjan, described the Droom Scouting tryout as one of its kind in recent times in the land.

“The tryouts is a great opportunity for youth players to get scouted under a very professional structure and we are very happy to work with Droom Soccer as they roll out this exciting opportunity project in the state.

“This is a huge platform for players’ development in the Gambia said the Gambian Football Federation (GFF) and technical committee chairman.

On his impression of the country, said Gambia is amazingly endowed with great football talents.

“It is a well-known fact that Gambia is a country of many talented players and we are proud to have Droom Soccer here to help young players in their development of technical and tactical football skills,” said Babatz.

Droom Soccer regional Director, Mr Daniel Aphuga is one of the most trusted voices in scouting African players and a legend of the game. He has been the driving force behind the Droom Scouting partnership and expansion whithin Africa.

“Droom Soccer scouting is focused on talent development and has created an and African flair.

“Our goal is to provide a platform that combines opportunity and passion in an environment that is driven by a professional management,” said Daniel.

The Preesident and Chairman Mr Akprobaor Emmanuel could not hide his excitement over the quality of talents at the display.

“We are happy with what is developing in The GAMBIA and as far as football is concerned.

“Droom Soccer is a huge blessing for Gambia football and we remain ever grateful,” said Hassan.

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