6 Ways to get seen by a Professional Club

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We receive this question from aspiring football players from all over the world on a daily basis. It’s a concern that most youth football players have and our professional coaches have also faced this questions during their youth career.

The pathway to professional football is very often a landmine but at Droom Soccer we bridge this gap by helping players reach full potential.

So here’s a quick view on the different ways to get a trial at that level.

1) Football Scouts

This is the most common way players get trials. If you play for one of the best teams in your area and your team gets to the finals of every single tournament they participate in, chances are that scouts will be watching you. Most top players got their first chance this way. However there are many factors which determine if a scout ever sees you or not. Furthermore, it’s not easy to spot the intangibles that very often explain why a football players succeeds It’s very easy to get overlooked.

2) Football Agents

Agents main task is to advertise you to their ‘network’ of scouts and coaches. Some of them would also be able to provide you with career advice. In return they receive 10% of your salary and/or an upfront fee. Our advise would be to not sign an agreement with an agent but if you do it please ensure that is non-exclusive (meaning you can have multiple agents instead of just one). And never pay an upfront fee.

3) Football Trial Days & Football Camps

Over the past decade or so, trial days and camps have become a very popular way of getting exposure. Companies will often charge a considerable amount of money to have you play at a venue where supposedly they have scouts watching. Although there are many success stories posted on these websites, though we don’t know anyone personally who achieved great success using this medium.

4) Email

Mailing can be a great tool if the sender already has a good relationship with the receiver. To contact clubs yourself is a very troublesome path considering how difficult it is to build credibility when speaking for yourself. Clubs get dozens of emails every day with trial requests. The far majority are ignored as many clubs believe that their scouting department knows every single quality player available in a specific market. Nonetheless, there’s still a small chance of succeeding if your email stands out from the crowd but bare in mind that the bigger the club is the harder it is to get a response.

5) Private Full-Time Football Academies

Full-time private football academies can be a great pathway to professional football. They provide you with the opportunities, but they also prepare you for the challenge, which increases your chances of succeeding on your quest. Unfortunately, in the last couple of years a lot of Academies came to light and most of them don’t comply with the necessary requirements.

6) Football Coaches

This method is very effective when it comes to get a soccer trial. A football coach will have a lot of information on you. He’ll know your strengths and weaknesses and he’ll surely be able to link you to a few coaches. If your coach really believes in you he’ll go the extra mile to provide you with opportunities.

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