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The Droom Soccer Tryout consists of players in age groups U-17 to U-25, the tryout holds in different locations around the United States.

The Droom Scouting system provides a pathway for players who show the required potential, assisting them with tryout opportunities with professional Clubs within the US or across Europe.

The Droom Soccer Talent identification program will be done by our scouting representatives and invitations will be sent to the registered players to attend our Showcase. Club directors & coaches may also recommend players by contacting info@droomsoccer.com

Full details for Droom Soccer Open Tryouts are as follows:

Participants must be male and between 17 - 25 years old.
The tryout will consist of each participant playing a 60-minute, 11v11 soccer matches to impress the Droom Soccer scouting staff.
The registration fee for one (1) open tryout event is $150.
Players must come prepared for the tryouts with their own boots, socks, shorts, gloves, shin pads or any other equipment related to their position.
Droom Soccer will provide numbered t-shirts to wear during your games.
Teams will be constructed according to players preferred positions.
Your kickoff times will be emailed to you one week prior to the start of the open tryout date.
You must play in the position you register for.
No transfers to a different tryout will be allowed within 30 days of your original start date.
Refunds will only be issued in the event the tryout is canceled.
For additional questions, please contact info@droomsoccer.com.