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El Amin

El Amin has always intrigued us as a player. He has many qualities that help distinguish him from others on the field."

That intriguing presence has landed El Amin in the United States with FC UNITED youth professional Club in Chicago . El Amin is currently on a five-day professional evaluation. Meaning he will train with the professional club's boy's droomsoccer.com team and be given a full performance evaluation by the club coaching staff and director.
The 6'2" midfielder only joined FC United Football Club in June of 2017. Since joining he has helped the club and team immediately by contributing to a second place finish in the Youth Soccer League.
He is currently a student where he is a multi-sport athlete. While being an athlete is a major passion of El Amin, he realizes that academics and being committed in the classroom will only add to his future success.
El Amin has always had a love for the game.
"Being a professional has always been a dream of mine. This trip allows me to test myself against top competition and I will see the level it takes to reach my dream!" - El Amin Ekundayo
There are many attributes that make El Amin a possible potential prospect, from his size at a young age to his technical abilities there is no doubt that the young Nigerian can continue to turn heads on the soccer pitch.
"This is the guy I will continue to keep my eye on throughout his development. He is only 17 and has tremendous room to continue to grow as a player and person. I am sure he will start getting offers in the near future and I look forward to guiding his family through the process." - Akporobaro Emmanuel.